Information for Splatsin Members

May 2011: We are a group of anthropology students studying at Douglas College. Our college was invited by the Splatsin Title and Rights Office to set up and anthropology field school to help your community gather information about the Splatsin history, traditions, customs, and ways of life. We will be living among you for four weeks, producing a tangible record of our time in your community through such activities (conducted in a respectful way) as interviews, casual conversations, audio and visual recordings, and photos. These materials are intended to be a resource for your community and will be left as part of your band office archives. Because this is a community effort between you and us we invite you to come and chat with us when you see us around the town, at the gas station, the health centre, in a store, etc. We will look forward to working with you on this collaborative project and ask that you spread the word among your family and friends. We intend to keep this blog updated regularly for you, to keep you engaged and interested in the work done in your community. Our work can be only as good as the people involved in it, so please don’t be shy!

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